Not exactly boasting, but I’ve been in a few fake bands in my time.

I’m not talking about the ones that collapsed after a few rehearsals and a fight over the name (“October Workshop? Are you nuts? How about Hungry Toys”). I’m talking about make-believe combos created for the purpose of telling stories on the screen.

I’ll tell you about Lenny and the Squigtones another time, but I recently came across these shots from a different project and thought I’d put them on display. Some were taken by myself, others by others (obviously) and it’s photographic proof that the Barbusters existed outside of Paul Schrader’s  film Light of Day, and what’s more, that I played in a band with Joan Jett and Michael J. Fox!

While rehearsing for the movie by day, we played a few gigs to warm up for the shoot. Couldn’t give you the name of the venue. I realize that telling you it was “a bar in Chicago” wouldn’t do much to narrow it down.

Our lead guitarist chills on the backstage fridge
Drummer Paul J. Harkins with the one and only Joan Jett
Michael with musical coordinator and band wrangler Nigel Harrison
Michael Dolan, keyboards and wisecracks
Bad reputation, and proud of it
“Just around the corner….
…to the Light of Day”: MJM, director Paul Schrader, Dolan, Jett, Fox, Harkins
At the after-party: new-2-you (in 1986) Tom Cruise and Mimi Rogers
Nobody out-sweats the bass player. Nobody.





3 thoughts

  1. I had a feeling MJF could make it thru a few tunes in real life.
    I just reviewed Light of Day for a local radio station, and got to share the stuff about Springsteen’s early involvement.
    I would’ve loved to have been at one of those Chicago gigs.
    Keep Rockin’ !!!


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